Sara Salo, MPH

Health through

A finished product

Managing long-term projects brings you through highs and lows, into moments of elation and thoughts of despair. Those inevitable ups and downs make completing key benchmarks all the more sweet.

The Healthy Teton County team proudly unveiled our final data report last month amid a flurry of community events, newspaper articles, and open houses. Even though our schedules were packed and time was limited, we made celebrating our successes a priority. Pausing to thank our 45+ community partners was the least we could do after they gave so much to this 2+ year project.

The final product speaks for itself. A 130 page-report describes the health of Teton County in detail – from focus group participant quotes to hard data, it paints a picture of life in Teton County, Wyoming. Click here to read the report.

I must point out that publishing a report is only the beginning. Our goal since the inception of the HTC project was to create something more than just a report that gathers dust on a shelf. We will now move forward in creating an action plan, organizing action groups, and maintaining momentum as we begin to address our primary health issues. The work has only begun!



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